Origin of Sashastrends

A Journey into Fashion and Creativity

Surrounded by skilled artisans crafting exquisite silver articles and anklets, my childhood was immersed in the captivating allure of silver. This fascination ignited a lasting interest within me, nurturing dreams of creating my own collection of silver jewelry and articles as I grew older.

Equipped with an MBA in international finance and enriched by experience in the financial sector, I felt empowered and driven to pursue my entrepreneurial aspirations. Driven by an unwavering passion for silver, I made the bold decision to leave my banking job and dedicate myself fully to this pursuit.

In 2014, I founded our company in Cupertino, California, with a clear vision for growth and success. Through unwavering dedication and incremental progress, we steadily expanded our operations. However, recognizing the potential for new opportunities and a vibrant business environment, we made the significant decision to relocate our company to Canada in 2020. This strategic move has invigorated our journey, fueling our enthusiasm and commitment to reaching greater heights.